Epic. Unapologetic. Unbothered by trends. Officer X is a band not of this time.

The Boston quartet is a spirited throwback back to the glory days of hard rock and metal, where soaring eagles fly high and swords cut deep. Inspired by the new wave of traditional heavy metal that combines the majesty of Maiden, the dreamworld of Dio, and the power of Priest, Officer X harnesses the anthemic music that shaped us from the very beginning as a means to blast an exciting new path forward.

The result of a years-long collaboration between vocalist and guitarist Rodrigo van Stoli (Bang Camaro, Gymnasium) and bassist and vocalist Peet Golan (Spring Heeled Jack), Officer X is galvanized by the riffage born from the smoke and fire of the metal gods that came before, crafting a timeless sound buoyed by the crackle of vinyl and the hiss of a cassette.

If all roads lead back to metal, this was a long and winding journey for the pair. After various other projects over the years steered van Stoli and Golan away from their passion, the two vowed to raise a fist to their shared love of heavy, melodic music rarely heard in today’s mainstream landscape. Their combined gallop rides deep, with van Stoli’s four-octave operatic vocal style echoing through the heavens while Golan’s low-end galvanizes a rock-solid foundation that moves mountains. The Officer X cauldron is a powerful concoction – classic metal influences including the aforementioned alongside The Scorpions, Helloween and Queensryche, simmering with classic rock and pop rock idols such as Bowie, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, and others.

Joined in the studio by Mike Martino (drums) and Jared Egan (lead guitars), Officer X recorded eight songs at Q Division under the masterful recording and mixing hand of Matthew Alexander, who went on to join the band as lead guitarist for live dates.

Ready to have a presence felt far beyond its New England confines, Officer X released debut single and video “Lady Soledad” in October 2021, produced and directed by Punchdance Studios in  Waltham, with a Purple-inspired follow-up “Moon Man” crashing on YouTube and the streams in May 2022. “Moon Man” embraces even greater power and ambition, with a visually-stunning animated music video by RC Media/Spliced Iris that bolsters the band across the galaxy to alien lands, while the streaming release is sonically augmented by a b-side cover of Thin Lizzy’s barnstorming ‘80s rager “Thunder And Lightning.”

This is music made by madmen, untethered to stale ideas of what a band should sound like, unleashed for the shared glory of all. They don’t write songs, they write anthems. 

Rise up with Officer X, and prepare for liftoff.